Mini-Broach Machine Co.

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Standard Machines

Model A

Model 3A
Model 15H64
Model 15UV48
Model AV-2K

Keyway Broaches

Standard I.S.O. Metric

Standard Inch


Standard Machines

Contract Broaching

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Broaching Horns

  • Straight Bore Parts to 36" Length of Cut

  • Tapered Bore Parts

  • Gear Tooth Aligners

  • Angular Alignment Fixtures

  • Auto Eject Fixtures

Blind Broaching Fixtures

  • Hex, D, D-D, Spline, Torx

Robotic Load and Unload

  • Pick and Place

  • 4 Axis Robots

Surface Broaching Fixtures

  • Single Cut or Straddle Cuts

  • Flat or Profiled Cuts

Automatic Pull-heads and Openers